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Posted by alice, 2016-07-11 — Tags: mirabelle, mirrorbelle, sapphira, v.w., two-no, alucanth, narcissaMetadata


Mirabelle: But first, we need names for everyone, for clarity.

Mirabelle (to Alternate Mirabelle): You can be, uh...Mirrorbelle.

(Mirrorbelle is speechless.)

Mirabelle (to Alternate Narcissa): Sapphira.

Mirabelle (to Alternate Alucanth): V.W.

V.W.: Did you just pronounce that as "vee-dubya"? I am disgusted.

Mirabelle (to Alternate Juno): And...Two-no.

Mirrorbelle (shrugging): Those will do, I suppose.

(Mirrorbelle begins leading Mirabelle away.)

Mirrorbelle: Now, if you could give us a tour of any sources of power you possess...

Mirabelle: Sure!

(Alucanth and Narcissa look annoyed.)