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Posted by alice, 2010-10-25 — Tags: mirabelle, narcissa, juno, witchlionMetadata


Mirabelle: That's strange...Why would this book be here? And what could it be about? I'll open it and -- gasp! I forgot lunch!

(Mirabelle runs and Witchlion flies.)

Mirabelle: I'd better hurry!

Mirabelle (thinking): I made it to lunch just in time and met my friends: Princess Narcissa Sapphira of Lylac and Girls' Swim Team Captain Juno Sharpe.

Narcissa: Well, I don't trust this so called Brutus at all. He sounds like an utter cad. How do you know the evil book wasn't his, hmm? Oh, and hello Witchlion.

Witchlion: Graaagh!

Mirabelle: Umm...