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Posted by alice, 2010-12-22 — Tags: mirabelle, narcissa, juno, cassius, shadowed-figureMetadata


(Mirabelle and Juno raise the roof celebratorily.)

Mirabelle: Yay, we won!

Narcissa (reappearing): Good thing Juno and I were here to help you!

Mirabelle: Yeah, thanks!

Mirabelle: And thanks to -- huh? Where are Mitten Mask and Prince Cassius?

Mirabelle (thinking): And who were they?

(Prince Cassius stands on the roof of the building.)

Cassius: Well done, Mirabelle.

Cassius: Yet far greater trials await you in the days to come. And why is Mitten Mask here, of all places?

(The scene changes to a room filled with wires. A swivel chair sits in front of a large monitor, which displays images of Prince Cassius and Mirabelle.)

Unseen Voice: Curse them...

(A shadowed figure sits in the chair.)

Figure: You'll pay for this...Mirabelle...!