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Posted by alice, 2011-01-04 — Tags: mirabelle, zopf, narcissaMetadata


(Professor Zopf writes alchemical symbols on the board. Mirabelle is daydreaming.)

Mirabelle (thinking): Sigh...another normal day of classes. It's hard to believe what happened yesterday.

Mirabelle (thinking): Mitten Mask...just who is he? And Prince Cassius? And what exactly is a Caesar?

Zopf: Mirabelle!

Mirabelle: Huh? Yes?

Zopf: Perhaps you would care to answer the problem I posed you? What is the next step in this ritual?

Mirabelle (thinking): Ack! I wasn't paying attention!

Mirabelle: Umm...well, given the...last step, the next would be...

Narcissa: Heh heh heh...