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garrick: I initially assumed that the librarian was to scale with the Mirabelle panels, and thus that they were a giant. According to Doctus there is no reason why they CAN'T be a giant owl person.

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Mirabelle: Whew, glad that class is finally over!

Juno: Yeah, really. Want to go study at the library together, Mirabelle?

Mirabelle: Sure, Girls' Swim Team Captain Juno Sharpe, who is one of my best friends, the other being Narcissa!

Library Facade: Khunrath Memorial Library - De omnibus dubitandum [Everything must be doubted]

Mirabelle (thinking): Hey, maybe there's a book that could explain all this Caesar stuff...I'll ask the librarian.

Mirabelle: Hi, do you have any --

(The librarian is very imposing and scary-looking.)

Mirabelle (bowing): Never mind! Thanks! Bye!