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Posted by alice, 2011-03-11 — Tags: mirabelle, alucanth, junoMetadata


Mirabelle (thinking): Hmm...Caesars are clearly evil, so logically the books about them would be in the Evil Books section.

(Mirabelle stops at a shelf with "Evil Books" on the end cap label. Another person is taking a book.)

Mirabelle (thinking): Aha, here they are!

SFX: Crash!

Mirabelle: Owww...I should have been paying more attention to where I was going...

Mirabelle: I'm sorry. Are you all ri--

Goth: Oh, don't worry about me. I was just looking for books about vampirism so I could find a way to cure myself of this terrible curse, or possibly lycanthropy for the same reason since I am a vampire werewolf reincarnated ghost dullahan sidhe youkai nosferatu werebear dhampir who must suffer this terrible curse of my existence all alone while knowing I will someday have to fight my father due to a prophecy I made because I can also see the future because of my magic prophecy blood. Oh, how tragic it all is! If only I could find a book or possibly a girlfriend to assuage my angst!

Mirabelle: Oh, how horrible! Actually, I'm looking for a book too. Let's search together!

Narrator: Meanwhile...

Juno: Hmm, I wonder where Marabell went...