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Juno: Oh well, guess I'll just start studying on my own. Let's see, where's the section for aquatic magic...

Narrator: Several minutes later...

(Juno stands right in front of the "aquatic magic" shelf.)

Juno: Man, I totally can't find it!

Mysterious Voice: Listen to me...

Juno: Huh? Who's there?

(The mysterious voice says unintelligible, cryptic phrases, including what seems to be "Caesars have to be stopped.")

Juno: Oh, I guess it was just some ominous voices in my head. More importantly, I just remembered that the aquatic magic exams were cancelled! No need to study!

Narrator: Meanwhile...

(Mirabelle points to a book called "Vampires: A Brief Primer".)

Mirabelle: How about this one?

Goth: Aha, perfect!

Goth: Thank you. You've done a little to ease the pain of a hard and painful existence, miss...miss...?

Mirabelle: Mirabelle Moondrop! What's your name?