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Goth: Aluc--

Siren: Blaaaaare!

Public Address System: Attention all students. A huge monster is attacking the school. Please remain calm and...

Mirabelle: Oh, no! I'd better find Juno and Narcissa! It might be another Caesar!

Mirabelle: Nice to have met you, Alucblaaaaare! Gotta run!

(Mirabelle runs away.)

Goth (thinking): ...A Caesar? That girl...

(Mirabelle finds Juno.)

Mirabelle: Juno! Thank goodness!

Juno: Merabelle! Thank goodness!

Both: A monster is attacking the school and --

Mirabelle: We need to find Narcissa!

Juno: Okay!

(They run out of the library.)

Mirabelle: I wonder where the monster --

Mirabelle (horrified): Holy crap!