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Mirabelle: Dispel Armor!

(The armor vanishes.)

Mirabelle: Weak point...where's its weak point...

(Zoom in on the monster's forehead. A very small jewel is visible.)

Mirabelle: Aha! There's a tiny gem between its eyes!

(Zoom in further on the gem.)

Mirabelle: ...On which one facet is differently colored!

(Zoom in further still on the facet.)

Mirabelle: And on the belly of that facet, one scale is missing!

Mirabelle: Good thing I have perfect vision! Now I can beat this thing! I'll use my dragon heritage to focus the scepter's power into an attack!

Mitten Mask: Wh -- no, that's too dangerous! Mirabelle...!

Mirabelle: Foul creature...

(Glowing dragon wings and horns appear on Mirabelle as she clutches the staff.)

Mirabelle: Be purged from this world by --