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Posted by alice, 2011-05-25 — Tags: mirabelle, juno, mitten-mask, narcissa, cassiusMetadata


(Mirabelle and Juno raise the roof once again.)

Mirabelle: Yay! Another victory!

Mitten Mask (thinking): I knew we could count on you.

(Mitten Mask sneaks away into an alley.)

Mitten Mask (thinking): Good luck, Mirabelle...

Mirabelle: Oh yeah, where's Narcissa? I hope she's okay!

Narcissa (appearing): I was standing right behind you for about half the battle...

Mirabelle: Yay! You're all right! I'll trust your claim for no reason.

Cassius: Not so fast, Mirabelle!

Mirabelle: Gasp! Prince Cassius?!

Cassius: Didn't you notice something very strange about that battle? Think back to your first fight against a Caesar...