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Posted by alice, 2011-05-30 — Tags: dean-president, mirabelle, narcissa, zopfMetadata


Dean President: You recklessly fought a monster that had nothing to do with you despite being clearly told to go to the shelter! Your "dragon fire" directly resulted in massive property damage for which you shall be expected to pay in full!

Mirabelle: No! I don't have that kind of money!

Narcissa: This should cover it.

(Narcissa holds up a check.)

Mirabelle: Narcissa?! Oh, thank you so much!

Dean President: Hmph. There's still the matter of your reckless behavior!

Zopf: Oh, I think I can explain that!

Mirabelle: Professor!

Zopf: You see, earlier I was trying to explain a ritual to Mirabelle, but she regrettably forgot a step...

Zopf: Namely, heating the mixture in an alembic! Her use of dragon fire was clearly an experiment designed to help her remember this important principle.