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Posted by alice, 2011-06-01 — Tags: dean-president, mirabelleMetadata


Dean President: ...Hmph. Very well, then. Next time I won't be so forgiving.

Dean President: Classes are cancelled for cleanup, so run along, all of you.

Mirabelle (thinking): And so, things turned out all right in the end. But still...

Mirabelle (thinking): Still, I wish I understood what's going on...

(A robed figure kneels in a throne room.)

Figure: Your Highness, the attack was...unsuccessful. We promise that next time --

Unseen Voice: Useless idiots! There may not be a next time if Father catches wind of this!

Figure: Your Highness, the plan would have worked had there not been...interference.

Voice: Oh?

Voice: Tell me more. Such things merit...punishment.