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Posted by alice, 2011-06-03 — Tags: mirabelle, narcissa, junoMetadata


Mirabelle (thinking): An intensely difficult decision lies before me. A decision which renders even my mighty intellect entirely helpless.

Mirabelle (thinking): A choice of evils...Which is the greater, and which the lesser? Which to choose...?

Cafeteria Worker: Mystery meat or meatloaf? Hurry it up.

Mirabelle (hesitantly): Meatloaf.

(Mirabelle sits down at the table next to Narcissa and Juno.)

Narcissa: I've heard it's meant to motivate us to learn illusion magic, so we can use it on the food.

Juno: Oh yeah, I have some good news! There's going to be a sports fest tomorrow! You guys should come; it'll be fun!

Mirabelle: I doubt I'll have the energy, with the kind of food they serve here.

Juno: There will be hot dogs.


(Mirabelle and Juno happily finish up at the "Sports Fest Signup" booth.)