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Posted by alice, 2011-08-06 — Tags: zopf, mirabelle, ignis, bald-boy, mariusMetadata


(Mirabelle stands by the other contestants: a random girl, a spiky-haired boy, a bald boy, and a robot.)

Announcer: Welcome, brave contestants, to the ninety-fifth annual Dante School Speed Eating Competition!

Zopf: I, Professor Zopf, shall of course be your host today!

Mirabelle (thinking): Hmm, this doesn't look too bad. I doubt I'll win, but I don't see what Juno was so afraid of earlier...

Zopf: This year, we hope to reduce fatalities by as much as 50%! You have one minute until the race starts!

Mirabelle: Wait, what? Could someone explain the rules to me?

Girl: You seriously signed up without reading the rules? Get to the finish line while consuming all your food. First to do both wins. Speed eating, easy!