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Posted by alice, 2011-08-08 — Tags: zopf, mirabelle, ignis, bald-boyMetadata


(Bāozi [Chinese dumplings] are laid out before the contestants.)

Zopf: The food this year will be...bāozi!

Mirabelle (thinking): I wasn't expecting this at all! What should I do?!

Zopf: Let the game...commence!

Girl: Got my two! See ya at the finish line, slowpoke! If you survive!

Spiky Boy: Heheheh...there is a critical flaw in this game's rules. They say we need to "consume" the food...

(Spiky boy summons a column of flame.)

Spiky Boy: Very well! Then I shall consume mine with fire! Power of Salamander, rise to my command!

Bald Boy (levitating): After eating the bāozi, I shall simply teleport to the finish line using the power of my mind.

Mirabelle: Oh, no! I have no chance against people with abilities like these! How can I possibly win...?