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Posted by alice, 2011-08-10 — Tags: ignis, marius, mirabelle, cassius, zopf, bald-boyMetadata


Spiky Boy: And done. See ya at the finish line!

Robot: Food processing complete. Initiating relocation.

Mirabelle (thinking): I'm doomed...!

(Prince Cassius appears.)

Cassius: Don't give up, Mirabelle! I shall eat these bāozi in your stead!

Mirabelle: Gasp! Prince Cassius!

Cassius: More importantly, don't you sense that strange energy field from further along the course?

Mirabelle: Not really, but --

Cassius: A Caesar will appear at any moment! Your classmates are in grave danger!

Mirabelle: Oh no! I've got to save them!

(Mirabelle runs into the woods.)

Mirabelle (thinking): Hang on...!

Zopf: ...And off she goes. Are you sure this is the best way, Prince? We still haven't dealt with --

Bald Boy: Pardon me, but this sounds like a secret conversation. Did you perhaps forget that I am here? I eat kind of slowly, so I still haven't finished the second bāozi.

Zopf: Of course not! I was just talking to myself!

Bald Boy: I am also telepathic.

Zopf: Oh. You might have said.