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Posted by alice, 2011-08-14 — Tags: alucanth, juno, wolfbat, mirabelleMetadata


(We see a competition pool with a large "Go Dante Swim Team" banner. Juno stands near it, wearing a swimsuit.)

Offscreen Voice: Hey, you...your name's Juno, right?

(The voice belongs to the goth from before.)

Goth: Pleased to meet you. I'm Alucanth.

Alucanth: I saw your name on the board and remembered that Mirabelle mentioned it, so I thought I'd wish you good luck.

Juno: Sure, thanks!

Alucanth: By the way, do you think you could...

(Juno looks fixedly away.)

Alucanth: Oh, do you need to get ready for the match?

Juno: Nope, I'm just ignoring you!

Alucanth (softly): Oh. Okay.

(Wolfbat flies over.)

Wolfbat: Master, I bring grave news! Mirabelle went into the forest to fight a Caesar!

Alucanth: What? Alone?!

Alucanth: I must go to her aid at once! Come, Wolfbat!

(Alucanth runs away.)

Juno (thinking): It sounds like Merebelle is in trouble, but if I leave now, I'll miss my turn to swim...

Juno (thinking): Then again, I contributed nothing whatsoever to the last fight. And the one before that. I'm probably better off just going on with the competition as though everything were normal. But Narcissa will probably get mad if Myrebelle dies or something...

Juno: Oh well! It's important to trust your friends, so I'll trust her not to die.

Narrator: Meanwhile...

(Mirabelle is lost in the woods.)

Mirabelle: Hello? Anyone?