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Posted by alice, 2011-09-22 — Tags: ignis, mirabelle, mitten-maskMetadata


(Ignis creates a small ball of fire.)

Ignis: Ultra Radiant Burning Scorching Fireball --

(The Caesar begins trampling a shocked Ignis.)

Ignis: Help my attack wasn't done

Mirabelle (thinking): It's incredibly can I possibly fight such a terrifying creature?

Offscreen Voice: Don't lose heart, Mirabelle!

Mirabelle: Gasp, it's...

(Mitten Mask appears.)

Mirabelle: ...Mitten Mask! You can distract the monster while --

Mitten Mask: There's no time for that! Mirabelle, think about what you've learned today and use it to unlock a new technique and defeat the Caesar! Then you --

(The Caesar steps on Mitten Mask.)

Mirabelle: No! Mitten Mask! I'll save you!

Mirabelle (thinking): Got to stay calm...what have I learned today? Narcissa is smart, so I'll try thinking like her...