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(Cut to Trithemius Dormitory.)

Mirabelle: ...And so after he said that, I walked back here to tell you what happened.

Narcissa: Something seems more than a little fishy about all this, don't you think? There are far too many things we don't know.

(Mirabelle puts a friendly arm on Narcissa's shoulder.)

Mirabelle: You worry too much. Stuff usually works out on its own.

Narcissa: Even if that's true...Why will no one tell you anything about the Caesars if you're the only one who can fight them? What exactly are the Caesars, and what is their goal? Why are Mitten Mask and Prince Cassius hiding their identities from you?

Mirabelle: Hmm. Thinking back on it...There *was* something odd I --

(Mirabelle is stunned.)