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(An unidentified teacher stands next to a board with runic lettering.)

Teacher: And if there are no further questions, class dismissed.

Mirabelle: Whew, that took forever. Narcissa, did you take notes on all of it?

(No answer.)

Mirabelle (thinking): Oh, right, she had to go on a trip her club today. Who else can I get notes from...

(Mirabelle is now talking with Juno. Time seems to have passed.)

Juno: Merabelle, I heard --

Mirabelle (interrupting): So I asked, but nobody would give me their notes! Isn't that sad, Juno?

Juno: Sure, but I heard that --

Mirabelle (interrupting): I just wanted somebody to explain things a little so I --

Juno (interrupting): Your father's coming to visit!

Mirabelle: So I...I could...what...

(Mirabelle is overwhelmed.)

Mirabelle (dumbfounded): What.