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Posted by alice, 2012-03-25 — Tags: mirabelle, juno, mirabelles-fatherMetadata


(Fade in from black. Mirabelle looks groggy.)

Mirabelle: head is killing me. What happened?

Juno: You passed out from shock, and I stood here and did nothing for about half an hour.

Mirabelle: Half an -- but that means...!

(Mirabelle's father appears. He is wearing a fancy robe, a crown, and a fake mustache. There is a fake mustache on his crown as well. His text is larger and bolder than other characters', as if he is speaking loudly.)

Mirabelle's Father: Mirabelle! So good to finally see you again! How are things going? I knew I'd be here on short notice, so I decided to make it a surprise! Found lots of friends? I'm sure! After all, you're the best friend anyone in the kingdom could ask for! I mean, not my kingdom, because I'm not the king, I'm just an ordinary man, ha ha! (Do you like the disguise?) Anyway, you've hardly written to us while you've been here, and your sister and I have been wondering how things are going! Tell me everything, there's plenty of time to catch up, and of course I...

Mirabelle: Er...hi, dad.