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Posted by alice, 2012-05-19 — Tags: mirabelles-father, mirabelle, junoMetadata


Mirabelle's Father: Ahem, sorry. The main reason I'm here is that the court psychic got another message from your dearly departed mother.

Mirabelle (feigning optimism): Oh. Was it...a nice one this time?

Mirabelle's Father: Allow me to quote:

Psychic Message: Hi, honey! How are things going? I was just thinking...aren't you still coddling Mirabelle too much? She should be dating at her age! Remind her to look for someone worthy of marrying into our royal line. Some more combat abilities would be nice. If she doesn't find one soon, I'll drag you both into the Netherworld ♡

(Mirabelle looks terrified. Her father brandishes a pair of tickets.)

Mirabelle's Father: Fear not! I brought two tickets to "The Wisdom of Doctor Dodypoll". Find someone who catches your eye and watch it together.

Mirabelle: Thanks. But the difficult part is...

Juno: Who're you gonna pick?!