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Posted by alice, 2012-07-08 — Tags: mirabelle, brutus, juno, alucanthMetadata


Mirabelle: Other than you and Narcissa, I know, uhh...Alucblaaaaare, Ignis, that psychic guy, and...

(Mirabelle sees Brutus in the middle distance.)

Mirabelle: Brutus! What perfect timing! Hey, would you like to see a play with me later?

Brutus: Hah! As if I'd go anywhere with you! Try asking some dweeb instead. See you later, airhead!

Mirabelle: W-what? Airhead?! What's up with him?!

Mirabelle (aside): He's going on the list.

Juno: Seems like he suddenly hates you!

Mirabelle: Well, ignoring Brutus' strange behavior, my second choice would be...

(Cut to the library.)

Alucanth: I would be delighted to attend a play with you, Mirabelle! When does it start?