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Posted by alice, 2012-10-20 — Tags: mirabelle, italia, wolfbat, wormsleyMetadata


(Mirabelle waits by the theater admission stand.)

Mirabelle (thinking): It's almost time for the play to start...I wonder what's taking him so long?

Fake Alucanth (off camera): Ah! There you are, Mirabelle!

Fake Alucanth: You look simply stunning this evening. Shall we find our seats?

Mirabelle (blushing): Huh? I mean, umm, sure!

Mirabelle (thinking): Is it just me, or does something about him seem a bit different?

(They enter the theater. Wolfbat flies up behind them.)

Wolfbat: This does not look good.

SFX: Stealth, stealth

Wolfbat: I need to get help...But to whom can I possibly turn? Hmm...

(Wolfbat descends upon Quisler Wormsley.)