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Posted by alice, 2012-10-20 — Tags: italiaMetadata


(Mirabelle and Italia, who is disguised as Alucanth, sit in the audience.)

Italia (thinking): Heh heh heh...she suspects nothing! Mirabelle is so absorbed in watching the play that she'll never see my attack coming! I, Italia of the waves, am surely the most cunning of the Four Warriors in addition to being the most handsome and suave!

Italia (thinking): ...Wait! I forgot to think of a cool line to say when I attack! I can't mess this one up after that awesome "borrow your face" thing!

(Italia considers.)

Italia (thinking): "It's curtains for you!" No, that's terrible. "This farce is at an end." Hmm, that's getting closer. Aha, "Sorry, Mirabelle, but this play is ending early." That one's pretty good! I think I'll use it.

Italia (smirking): Sorry, Mirabelle --

Unseen Voice: Surrender at once!