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(A montage of dim, barely readable scenes. Child Alucanth recoils in fear.)

Unseen Voices: Don't ever come here again! Monster! Demon!

(An unknown person laughs scornfully.)

Unknown Person: You're scared you'll have to fight your father? Hahaha! What a joke! Nobody cares!

(A shadowed man faces a picture window.)

Man: Ordinary humans will always hate you. I am disappointed with your failure to accept this fact. You remain an unworthy heir.

(Blood spatters.)

Unseen Voice: You did this! It's your fault! Because you couldn't control your blood!

(Mirabelle's smiling face appears clearly.)

Mirabelle: Mirabelle Moondrop! What's your name?

(Fade back into the library. Alucanth rouses himself.)

Alucanth: ...Oww. What happened? Feels like I've been out for --

Unseen Voice: There you are!