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Posted by alice, 2012-11-11 — Tags: mirabelle, alucanthMetadata


(Mirabelle shoots a ray from her horn at Alucanth.)

Mirabelle: Mystic Unicorn Death Ray!

Alucanth: Why are you doing this, Mirabelle? What's going on?

SFX: Already undead

Mirabelle: Don't play dumb! I know you're on the same side as the Caesars!

Alucanth: What? That's exactly the opposite of what I'm --

(Mirabelle moves in for a punch.)

Mirabelle: And I know you're an evil shapeshifter!

(Alucanth flashes back to a blood spatter.)

Unseen Past Voice: Monster! Demon! You did this! It's your fault! Because you couldn't control your blood!

Alucanth (devastated): N...No...