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Posted by alice, 2012-11-16 — Tags: narcissa, wolfbat, mirabelle, alucanthMetadata


Narcissa: I leave you alone for *one day* and you start attacking innocent people! What are you even thinking?

(Wolfbat flies up behind Narcissa.)

Narcissa: Alucanth wasn't the shapeshifter; he was just being impersonated by the shapeshifter! Wolfbat says so!

Narcissa (aside): Thank Lorshana she saw me coming back from the trip.

(Mirabelle's wings vanish. She looks sheepish.)

Mirabelle: Oh. Umm...Well, how was I supposed to know that? I mean, with all the...shapeshifting and stuff.

Narcissa: Perhaps you could have found out if you were less busy killing your friends at the drop of a hat?!

Alucanth: Um, I've actually not been killed...

Mirabelle: Are you trying to say I did something...wrong?

Narcissa (firmly): Yes. I am.