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Posted by alice, 2013-03-27 — Tags: mirabelle, juno, cassiusMetadata


Mirabelle: What should I do, Juno?!

(Juno puts her welding mask back down.)

Juno: Eh, I dunno, find another friend?

Juno (aside): Also, gonna start ignoring you now 'cause I'm welding.

Mirabelle (thinking): Another...friend?

(Flashback to child Mirabelle knocking over child Narcissa's blocks. Child Narcissa begins to cry.)

Mirabelle (thinking): I've known Narcissa ever since we met at princess preschool. And Juno since my second day here at Dante...

Mirabelle: How could I find another friend? I don't know where to start!

Cassius: Ah, but you *do* know, Mirabelle.

Mirabelle: Gasp! Prince Cassius!