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Posted by alice, 2013-06-03 — Tags: cassius, mirabelle, illyricumMetadata


Cassius: You have wonderful friends all around you. You might not notice them right now, but they'll be there when you need them.

Mirabelle: Oh! Okay. Thanks for the cryptic advice! Also, I wanted to ask --

Cassius: I must go. Farewell!

Mirabelle: Hmmm, what could that cryptic advice he just gave me mean? Maybe I should ask Narci...

Mirabelle: ...err, maybe I should get something to eat while I think about it.

(Cut to Mirabelle in line at the cafeteria. Illyricum of the Wind is behind her.)

Mirabelle (not noticing): Aww, there's nothing I like on the menu today...