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Posted by alice, 2015-05-12 — Tags: raven, junoMetadata


Raven: So...what kind of hobbies do you have? Other than swimming.

Juno: Magitech is pretty fun! I made my own magitape player and some sweet robot arms in shop class this year.

Raven: Cool! That's kinda similar to what I like, actually. I'm in the Magicomputing Club, and I've been working on a cross-compiler to help build Wandows spells on my new Cupware box, but for some reason...

Juno (thinking, ignoring the rest of what Raven says): Whew! That was close for a minute, but it looks like everything is back on track now. Just need to avoid making any more mis--

(Juno elbows her soft drink, tipping it over.)