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Posted by alice, 2015-11-05 — Tags: mirabelle, bald-boy, alucanth, malacodaMetadata


(Alucanth looks uneasy.)

Mirabelle (winking): Don't worry! With me defending you, you have nothing to fear!

Bald Boy: Let the prosecution present its case.

(A girl with enormous eyes approaches the bench.)

Prosecutor: Thank you, your honor. As my first witness, I call...

Mirabelle (whispering): Psst. I'm sure no one here really knows about law, so let's try to --

Alucanth (whispering): The prosecutor is captain of the Mock Trial team. Her name is Malacoda.

Mirabelle (whispering): Oh. Whoops!

Malacoda: ...Marius to the stand.