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100th page, woo! I was gonna make a special extra thing to celebrate, but I don't want to bog down the main comic's schedule too much, so it'll be done... eventually. Hopefully. Maybe.

Posted by alice, 2015-11-15 — Tags: malacoda, marius, mirabelle, alucanthMetadata


(The robot is at the witness stand.)

Malacoda: You are Alucanth's roommate, Marius?

Marius: Affirmative.

Malacoda: Has Alucanth ever stated to you that he is a monster with a history of attacking people?

Marius: Affirmative.

Malacoda: How did he appear on the night of the killing?

Marius: Distraught. Blood on his clothes.

Malacoda: Did he say anything to you?

Marius: He said, "Why did this have to happen?"

Mirabelle (whispering): Wow. Do you want to go ahead and plead guilty?

Alucanth (whispering, angry): No!

Malacoda: Did Alucanth tell you how he felt about Mirabelle Moondrop?