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Posted by alice, 2015-11-20 — Tags: mirabelle, alucanth, bald-boyMetadata


Mirabelle (winking): I was kiiinda hoping we could keep that a secret. Ehehe~

Alucanth: What?!

Mirabelle (sweatdropping): I would probably get in trouble if people heard about it, so...

Alucanth: Mirabelle, I'm...I'm on trial for murder. This is important.

Mirabelle: Yeah, but *I* could get in trouble! That would be awful!

(Alucanth looks disgusted. Mirabelle does not seem to understand why.)

Bald Boy: Is the defense, in fact, going to present a rebuttal?

Mirabelle: Yes! I'd...uh...I'd like to call a witness to the stand!