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Posted by alice, 2015-11-24 — Tags: malacoda, mirabelle, alucanthMetadata


Malacoda: Vampire fans or werewolf claws?

Mirabelle (sweating): Yeah...Umm...I'm sure those are some of the many things that could do so.

Mirabelle (thinking): Okay, this is my last chance to turn things around.

(Images of Brutus, Alucanth, Malacoda, Juno, Marius, Wolfbat, and the bald boy swirl around Mirabelle's head as she racks her brain.)

Mirabelle (thinking): It may not have gone well so far, but if I can just find that one perfect piece of evidence, I can still...

Mirabelle (thinking): ...wait...that's it!

Mirabelle: I'd like to call a final witness to the stand!