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Narcissa: That evil book you found reminded me of some things I saw a year ago. I was worried it had a Caesar in it. But I didn't want...certain people to know I knew anything about Caesars. So I disguised myself as "Mitten Mask" with Juno's robot arms and a little illusion magic. After th--

(Narcissa coughs hard.)

Narcissa: -- that...

(She coughs again.)

Mirabelle: You can tell me the rest later! We should go to the infirmary. But first, uh...I want to say I'm sorry.

Mirabelle: You were right; I do things wrong sometimes. Like being selfish and immature, and not seeing who really cares about me.

Mirabelle (aside): And shooting death rays at people, and providing inadequate legal counsel.

Mirabelle: But I want to do better from now on,