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Sorry for the delay on this one; BrutusVN took several weeks to develop, and then I got sick for a while. Mostly better... ish... now though. Enough to draw Brutus, at least!

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(Mirabelle and Juno are sitting at their desks in the classroom.)

Mirabelle (thinking): My mind continues to whirr with all that's happened lately. Caesars, ninjassassins, betrayals, shocking revelations...What kind of terrifying enemy might be next...?

Professor Kifli: And with that, we're done. Good luck on your final exam tomorrow!

(The words "final exam" float behind Mirabelle.)

Mirabelle (aghast): ...Final exam?

Mirabelle: Crap, I completely forgot about it!

Juno: Me too!

Mirabelle: Guess this means we'll have to beg Narcissa for help yet again, huh?

Mirabelle (aside): At least she's a good student.