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At last, back from the hiatus!

Posted by alice, 2017-01-11 — Tags: malacoda, mirabelle, narcissa, alucanthMetadata


Malacoda (sepulchrally): You will remember!

(Mirabelle gets swirly-eyed and speaks in dark tones.)

Mirabelle: i remember. treaty of basilius (637) ended the war of the first wizards' league

Malacoda (normally): Wow, Mirabelle, your sanity is melting way less than I expected. Only 799 more facts to go!

Narcissa: ...Not only is this too slow, it doesn't help the rest of us. (Plus the other obvious issues.) Did *anyone* we know take good notes?

Alucanth: I imagine Wormsley did...although he's not likely to let us read them.

(Mirabelle forms a sly idea.)