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Posted by alice, 2017-04-02 — Tags: narcissa, mirabelle, juno, malacoda, alucanth, wolfbatMetadata


(Narcissa facepalms as Mirabelle rises from her seat.)

Mirabelle: Hey, uh...Juno and Malacoda. Could you join me outside for a minute? I have a *plan*.

Juno and Malacoda: Flexible ethics squad is ready to go!

(The scene divider starts to appear, but Narcissa grabs it and throws it in the garbage.)

Narcissa: Let's keep the focus here, just this once.

(Narcissa, Alucanth, and Wolfbat sit around awkwardly.)

Narcissa: ...While they're away, may I ask you a question?

Alucanth: Of course. What is it?