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Posted by alice, 2018-11-29 — Tags: mirabelle, narcissa, malacoda, alucanthMetadata


Mirabelle: Well, at least it's over. What's everyone planning to do during the break?

Aside: Juno and Wolfbat still passed somehow.

Narcissa: I'll be going on a landscape painting trip with the art club.

Mirabelle: Sounds fun!

Narcissa: Yes...I'll miss you all, though.

Malacoda: I'll probably go home and visit my mother's side of the family in the netherworld. (Maybe eat some soul food.)

Alucanth: I'm *supposed* to go home, too, but I think I'll find some excuse not to.

Narcissa: And what about you, Mirabelle?

Mirabelle (sheepishly): Uhh...I kinda have to take a make-up course to graduate on time, so I'll be doing that.