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[ASMR] Kaiji eats chicken + drinks beer [10 hours]


I wouldn't necessarily say this means "Kaiji" is better than other series, but it's certainly weirder.

Say what you will about Fukumoto's art -- he drew a man enjoying convenience store chicken and beer so thoroughly that looking at the drawings makes real food and drink taste better, and not many can claim that. In the age of harem power fantasies, I also have to admire Fukumoto's stoic dedication to stories with real character development, real consequences, and absolutely no attractive human beings of any gender. Do one thing and do it well.

The title of the sixth video refers to Jadeite McSwag's "Sailor Moon" masterpiece "Zoisite's downard spiral of misery that ends with his demise", a 10-minute compilation of all the times the Zoisite character messed up or failed. Kaiji's would probably be longer than the 94-second runtime given here. It might even be as long as the show itself. At the very least, it would start with his horrible mullet.

Coming up with "Devil Catgirls" and the uploaders' names was pretty fun. (I threw in a couple of references to other comics as an extra.) Thanks to the likes of Seventh Sanctum and other name generator sites, my sister and I made up fake anime all the time as kids -- I still have drawings somewhere of "Merciless Kitten Overlord Juchiya".

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Caption: Most anime

(A video-sharing site shows the search results for 'devil catgirls anime'. A catgirl emits an aura while floating, does a cute pose, and cries in the rain.)

Video #1: Devil Catgirls OP 2, uploaded by anime x music

Video #2: Rany Cute Moments, uploaded by kurama95

Video #3: sad scene!, uploaded by pirofreak (verified)

Caption: Kaiji

(More thumbnail results on the same site are seen, for the real anime "Kaiji" this time. In order, Kaiji weeps angrily; a cartoonishly long tongue extends into a dish of wine; a closeup on a distorted eye; the final thumbnail is cut off, but an angry Kaiji is barely visible.)

Video #1: Kaiji -- Class distinctions, uploaded by redtem

Video #2: Rich evil guy drinks wine, uploaded by jeffavorite_flavors

Video #3: Kaiji is overwhelmed by [...] spiral, leading to his demise, uploaded by lance bassiroth

Video #4: Kaiji roundhouse kicks Andou, uploaded by shrink down n' multiply endlessly