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And now the stage is set for my 500 chapter "Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service" crossover fanfic


I dug up a few old strips that I never posted anywhere (this one I only showed to a few pals on IRC), and thought I might as well put them up now that Springheel is semi-functional. "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" is a great manga.

Posted by Matthew Ellison, 2016-05-26 — Tags: fan, jojoMetadata


Narrator: 1989 -- Kakyoin thought to himself:

Kakyoin (thinking): Well, it appears that I have died. I can't say it was entirely unexpected.

(Jotaro, Polnareff, and Joseph crowd around Kakyoin's body as his spirit watches over them.)

Polnareff (blowing nose): (honk)

Polnareff: They should cremate him with his sunglasses.

Joseph: It's what he would have wanted.

Kakyoin (thinking): I had fifty days of happiness, and in the end, there were people who understood even someone like I won't curse my fate.

Joseph (off-screen): Has anyone called his parents?

(Scene of a pyramid at night.)

Kakyoin (thinking): If i had one regret, I suppose it would be that I died so far from home.

(View of the Buddhist family grave of the Kakyoins. Incense is burning for "Mee-maw" and "Poo-paw".)

Prayer Bell: Ding!

Kakyoin (thinking): I've never been particularly religious, but I suppose I'll be more at ease after a proper funeral.

(Cut to two Speedwagon Foundation agents with a large box in what appears to be an airport. A "Customs" sign in Arabic and English is overhead.)

Agent A: Shipping a dead body costs *how* much? Yeah, that's not happening.

Agent B: We totally never found this corpse.