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Those are supposed to be those half-desks you see at U.S. universities, but instead it kind of looks like we're being captured by a crab monster


Happenings from German class back when I was in college. I touched this one up a little because the original color scheme made it hard to read.

In real life, the professor wanted to know my blog too...but I was still closeted back then, and my blog talks about being queer a lot. Also, my character is pretty different online (I swear a lot more, and post constantly about weird anime and such -- none of them knew I was an otaku either). I fibbed a bit and said that I couldn't reveal the blog because I translated copyrighted stuff [I don't] and the school would get mad if they knew. >_>

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Garrick: There's no English version yet. I should make it myself and post it to my blog...

Classmate: Oh cool, you have a blog? What's the title? I want to read it!

(Garrick considers.)

Garrick (ashamed): Secret...

Classmate: Ehh, why? Unfair!