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Kind of bummed that shoujo wondering/"he will never make detective" didn't take off like "yaoi hands" did


A guest strip for my sister's webcomic, Brutus <>. This isn't saying much, but it's funnier if you know the characters. I like Alucanth's weird arm in the last panel -- makes him look like one of those celebratory tube-men outside of car dealerships, or the fabric air diffusers at my local Goodwill.

Looking back on it, this comic is pretty mean-spirited, to an extent that I debated putting it up here, but it came from a very real place. I find myself quoting from it a lot when reading BL manga, and I do stand by its criticism of how female characters get treated in same. In the intervening years I've been exposed to gay manga that I feel considerably more positive about. Maybe I should do a follow-up.

Posted by Matthew Ellison, 2012-11-23 — Tags: brutus, yaoi, my guest stripsMetadata


(Alucanth looks completely different from his canon self, with a giant, pointy chin, a mullet, a featureless rectangle for a mouth, and a massive hand.)

Alucanth: Brutus! I, Alucanth, actually loved you and not Mirabelle all along. BTW, I will prove this by not listening to anything you say.

(Brutus is now blond and has enormous eyes.)

Brutus (thinking): Ehhhh? Arucanth-san said "I love you". What does that mean? I wonder how Arucanth-san feels about me. Why did he say something so strange? Why does he sometimes hug me?

(Alucanth is talking to Mirabelle, who no longer has a face.)

Brutus (voice-over, seemingly not recognizing Mirabelle): Gasp! Alucanth-san is talking to a female! Why would he do that?! It's time...for *angst*.

Alucanth: I was asking that random girl a question about you! For some reason.

Brutus: Hilarity!

(Empty black panel.)

Caption: Obligatory, interchangeable porn sequence.

Caption: Epilogue: it turned out all of Brutus and Alucanth's parents, brothers, and teachers were gay as well. The end.