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The Anansi story I grew up with made it clear that Cat was planning to kill Spider and his entire family as soon as he got out -- not even knowing that Spider was the one who set the trap or anything, just out of sheer random malice. He's the Big Cat and that means he can do whatevs. I like that version in some ways because it makes Spider's actions seem a bit more justified; even if Spider weren't doing this Story Quest (and even if he saved Cat's life), he'd be in danger, so the catapulting-him-off-somewhere part is more than reasonable. What's funny is that I think Spider KNOWS THAT, and being a fallible creature he can't resist messing with Cat before the big swing. Unfortunately, this project was limited to eight pages, so I didn't really have the space for the little back-and-forth they do while Cat is in the hole. It's some serious mind game stuff. If I ever redo this comic, this particular bit will be expanded significantly.

Posted by Matthew Ellison, 2012-07-08 Metadata


(Spider lashes down a tree so that it extends into a deep hole. Cat appears and bumbles into the hole. There is a long pause.)

Cat: Whoa! How'd I get in a hole?

(Cat grabs the tree.)

Cat: Oh, there's a tree here, for some reason. Pretty!

(Spider cuts the string holding the tree down, sending Cat flying.)